You got me crying like a child…

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This Japanese/American singer Utada Hikaru is one of my favorite singers ever! She has a great voice, she composes, and writes most of her songs, if not all, and she is  really pretty as well. I’ve heard most of her songs and I’m a big fan, but today I was playing my music and came across this song that I hadn’t heard before even though it was saved in my files. I instantly fell in love with it like I do with most of her songs.

I like her Japanese songs, as well as English ones, her latest album was ‘This Is The one’ and I liked a lot of the songs is not my favorite album because the songs were too pop-ish which is not how her songs usually are, but it was still good. Anyways my favorite song from that album was “Merry Christmas mr. Lawrence/FYI” love the piano and instruments. But the song that I came upon today “Crying Like A Child” was just as good, I really liked it, and it had me hooked after the first line, just like ‘FYI’ had me hooked after the first beat.

I just wanted you to know the person that I am
More than any other of your fans
I will love you for a thousand years
Yours truly..


사랑이란건.. 비오는날 우산을 씌워주는게 아니라…
같이 함께 비를 맞는것이다..

Song of the day: Crying Like A Child


One Comment on “You got me crying like a child…”

  1. Char says:


    <33 Utada Hikaru lol

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