Once again….

Love is great when you find someone to give it to..

This guy is really awesome what a lovely voice, and he can rap also. I found out about him like a month ago but I forgot to look for more of his songs until today, and I’m glad I did. Underated artists are always good and I don’t understand how they can be so underated!……Well good thing about being underated is that they dont get caught up in all the drama with netizens and they creater music from their hearts, not just for what the fans want to listen to.

One of his most recent songs isMy Lovea cute song, cute story but an unexpected ending.


That’s the song that actually got me into him and today that I looked more into him I found more songs that I liked a lot. This guy should be recognized a lot more for his great skills in making music. His hit song is “이별후에” (after the breakup) which is my favorite one from him, and he is kinda cute. I recommend this guy a lot for all those kmusic lovers~ ^^


Song of the day: After the breakup


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